Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

United Nations meeting on Iran protests called by USA criticised at Security Council

United Nations meeting on Iran protests called by USA criticised at Security Council

Massive demonstrations in Tehran and many other cities have been in progress for several days.

The U.S. called the meeting after giving moral support to the anti-government protesters in a week of demonstrations and counterdemonstrations.

Many seemed to fear the loud criticism by the Americans was simply a pretext to undermine the Iran nuclear deal, which President Donald Trump has long desired to scrap.

During the meeting US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said that her country stands behind the Iranian people who are battling against an oppressive regime. "The Iranian regime is now on notice: the world will be watching what you do".

Nebenzia went on to ask mockingly whether the Security Council should have had meetings to discuss internal USA issues, such as protests in Ferguson, Mo., or the Occupy Wall Street movement. The president and I call on leaders of freedom-loving nations across the world to condemn Iran's unelected dictators and defend the Iranian people's unalienable right to chart their own future and determine their own destiny.

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley has praised the anti-government demonstrators as courageous freedom-seekers who need the world's support.

The French diplomat said, "We must be wary of any attempts to exploit this crisis for personal ends, which would have the diametrically opposed outcome to that which is wished". "Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda." Iran's National Security Council reportedly suggested that some elements of Tehran's theocracy hold the hard-liner, "a staunch critic of President Hassan Rouhani, who came to power and won reelection past year pressing for mild social reforms and an opening up of Iranian society", responsible for the protests.

China also left little doubt about Beijing's position that the Security Council is not a place to discuss the internal affairs of any country.

And Iran's United Nations envoy, Ambassador Gholamali Khoshroo, complained in a letter to the Security Council president Wednesday that U.S. President Donald Trump's "absurd tweets" had "incited Iranians to engage in disruptive acts".

At the same time, Russian Federation and some other countries said the global community had no business weighing in on the demonstrations.

At least 450 people have been arrested and 21 killed in anti-government protests that swept quickly across the Islamic Republic late last week.

"According to the figures and information obtained by officials at the Ministry of Higher Education, the majority of those arrested were basically not involved in the protests and most were arrested outside the university", Mahmoud Sadeghi, an outspoken member of parliament, told the reformist ILNA news agency. The days of pro-government rallies drew crowds in the tens of thousands. The government has suspended access to the messaging app Telegram, which was being used to publicize the protests.

Iranian Ambassador to the UN Gholamali Khoshroo told the council that his government has "hard evidence" that recent protests in Iran were "very clearly directed from overseas".

The UN Security Council was set to hold an emergency meeting on the issue later Friday at the request of the United States.

Iranian state media say the government is complaining about what it calls a propaganda campaign orchestrated by United Kingdom -based Persian-language broadcasters. He added that President Rouhani, and the ruling Iranian regime as a whole, are incapable of employing moderate policies.

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