Published: Wed, January 17, 2018
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Victoria Beckham is being criticized for using a dangerously thin model

Victoria Beckham is being criticized for using a dangerously thin model

Victoria Beckham is under fire after she hired, what some consider, an "underweight" model to front her Spring Summer 2018 Victoria Beckham Eyewear collection.

It seems that many people are less focused on the 1970s-inspired glasses and more fixated on the model wearing them. At a time when research shows that kids, particularly girls, as young as 6-years-old - the same age as Victoria's daughter Harper - are being diagnosed and hospitalised due to severe eating disorders, isn't it time that "icons" such as Victoria Beckham start showing a shred of empathy and responsibility towards the thousands of people who suffer because of harmful messaging like her brand's?

Others thought the popstar-turned-designer was promoting an unhealthy image.

"Eyes didn't even notice the glasses". The model was the focus.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the presenter slammed: 'I've got a young daughter, she's only six, but I don't want her, when she gets to a little bit older, thinking that's the body image she should aspire to'. "And I'm sorry, but it's not".

And following the social media backlash, now Piers Morgan has had his say on Victoria's campaign - which features Lithuanian model Giedre Dukauskaite - saying he's "horrified".

Earlier this week, the former Spice Girl-turned-fashion-designer unveiled photos from ads for her new eyewear collection, and the images were nearly immediately met with backlash due to the frame of the featured model. "I love being slim but this is a disgrace & im disgusted Victoria Beckham thinks this is ok, shame on you". "She has also repeatedly claimed that her casting agents were directed to confirm with the models" agencies that the women were in good health. I think not, ' said one irritated commenter.

Victoria is yet to comment on the backlash.

"Beautiful girl but doesn't look healthy. instead of concentrating on her outfit I'm staring on her".

"It really doesn't do any good for young women, older women, women of all sizes and shapes who see images like this, and we can't help but feel like the only way to be handsome or attractive or worthy is to be very thin". But when it is a repeat offender like Victoria Beckham at the steering wheel, it's hard to chalk it down to an unfortunate coincidence.

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