Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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Vikas is mean to Hina

Vikas is mean to Hina

Last night we saw, Vikas Gupta who emerged victorious in the "Arshi Chahti Hai" task, with his meanness quotient rating higher than anyone else in the house, has been armed with a special advantage! As the last task of Bigg Boss 11 came a little closer, dictator Vikas Gupta played his masterstroke (after all he's the mastermind) and provoked Hina to press the buzzer and win the prize money.

Hina dodged this attempt as well because she didn't stand on the pillow, but she didn't quit the task either. Shilpa was asked to pretend as if she's still a part of the task by Vikas. Astonished by his order, Hina has no option but to oblige. During that week, Jyoti had asked Vikas Gupta as to how did gay men have children.

Furthermore, he gets his own family picture and asks Hina to tear it apart by repeatedly stamping on it. Hearing this, she loses her cool and lashes out at him saying that she can not believe he would stoop to such lows for a task. Hina hums 'Yaad Aayenge Ye Pal', as she walks around the house. Soon as the game begins, Shilpa is ordered by Vikas to jump in the swimming pool.

Vikas tells Shilpa that he has a way to oust Hina from the task as he will ask her to stamp on his family members' photo.

Vikas then orders Hina to break his own bracelet, thinking she will never do that, give up and press the buzzer.

Shilpa Shinde and Puneesh Sharma quit the task yesterday as they didn't want to look mean on television, but Hina Khan showed the willingness to take on Vikas. This meant Vikas will have to be content with only Rs 6 lakh for the time being. She hastily moved to the buzzer and announced her exit from the "Vikas City" task.

Controversial reality show Bigg Boss 11 is just one day away from its grand finale, and contestants are trying their level best to win the audience's hearts. Puneesh also tells Hina that Vikas has plans for Shilpa and he might offer her a web series. Post your thoughts on in the comment section below.

Friday wasn't the last day of Bigg Boss 11 officially, but it was treated like the last day.

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