Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
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Winter Beauty: Parts of Niagara Falls Are Becoming Frozen

Winter Beauty: Parts of Niagara Falls Are Becoming Frozen

Mist from the surging waters has been freezing instantly on everything it touches, coating trees, walkways, cliffs and overlooks in a dreamy, brilliant white.

The visitors who are daring to visit the place in the extreme temperatures are treating themselves to snapshots and selfies in the winter wonderland.

"It's outstanding. As cold as it gets, it's a year-round attraction", visitor Paul Tabaczynski told New York Upstate on Tuesday.

Niagara Falls comprise of three waterfalls that connect the global border between Canada and the United States.

"I can't feel my feet!"

Global News meteorologist Ross Hull explained that 2018 has been the coldest January 1 on record in the Niagara Falls area, with temperatures dipping below -26 C.

"We still have not left", said Jonathan Cruz, who had walked barely 200 meters from a nearby parking lot, but with sub-zero temperatures and gusts of wind near 65 kilometres per hour (40 miles per hour).

Maryland is seeing below-average temperatures as arctic air and gusts continue to grip the state.

While the landscape is covered in a layer of white, the falls themselves, stretching between NY and Canada, continue to flow, unfrozen.

While the photos show ice and snow covering much of the tourist destination, it's important to note that the actual falls are not frozen.

Forecasters warned of hazardous travel from the southeast to New England through Friday, with the worst expected from the Carolinas to Maine.

"It really is pretty", Partin said.

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