Published: Sun, January 14, 2018
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Yashwant Sinha backs Supreme Court judges' protest, says democracy is 'threatened'

Yashwant Sinha backs Supreme Court judges' protest, says democracy is 'threatened'

The reactions from the ruling side came minutes after the Congress described the comments made by four Supreme Court judges as "extremely disturbing" and appealed to the Supreme Court to find solutions to preserve the independence of the judiciary.

January 12, 2018, marked a historical moment when four top Supreme Court judges addressed a press conference questioning the procedure of case allocation by the Chief Justice of India. "This is grave. It means you will appoint judges on cases where you want a favourable order", added Sinha. "Hope we get at the truth of Judge Loya's death", he said in a series of tweets. I will ask party (BJP) leaders and senior cabinet ministers to speak up.

Venugopal, however, admitted that the accusations made by the four sitting apex court judges openly before the electronic media will seriously affect public confidence in the court.

He termed the action of the four judges "unprecedented". They mentioned there is a threat to democracy.

At a hurriedly-called press conference at his residence, Justice J Chelameswar and three other colleagues said the Supreme Court administration was "not in order" and their efforts to persuade Justice Misra even this morning "with a specific request" failed, forcing them to "communicate with the nation" directly.

"There is the judge Loya case". It needs to be investigated properly.

Rebel BJP leader says with Parliament sessions "not being held" and all not well in the Supreme Court, democracy is in danger.

"All those who care about the future of the country and of democracy should raise their voice", Sinha said. What the judges have said is the feeling of millions of Indians.

"Such a thing has never happened before".

In his press conference, Sinha also rejected suggestions that politicians should not wade into the judicial crisis, saying when four senior most SC judges have gone public, it was no longer an internal matter of the court and it was imperative for every concerned citizen to raise his voice. "We owe a responsibility to the institution and the nation", Justice Chelameswar said. The former minister, who has been a vocal critic of policies on demonetisation, GST and Jammu and Kashmir, claimed that he was "personally aware of the fear in which members of the cabinet in this government are working, and that also is a threat to democracy".

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