Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Bannon Reportedly Considered Running For President in Case of Trump Impeachment

Bannon Reportedly Considered Running For President in Case of Trump Impeachment

In such a scenario, who better to succeed Trump than the man who got him elected?

But Bannon lasted only seven months in the newly-created position and was sacked after allegedly falling out with both the U.S. president, members of the Trump family and other key figures in the West Wing.

According to Bloomberg, Bannon wanted Yellen because her slow pace of monetary tightening was more likely to allow wages to increase.

Not only did he supposedly aspire for the highest office in the land, Bannon was also said to be looking at forming his own political party.

Bannon shared his idea with a few close friends, and even considered creating a new political party that he would call the National Union Party, the report said.

"In Bannon's vision, it would now unite disaffected populists on both ends of the political spectrum", Green continued.

"With support from financial benefactors like the Mercer family, he seemed to imagine such a path might be viable, and that a true devotee of right-wing nationalism - rather than a charlatan like Trump - could succeed where his predecessor had failed", Green wrote. This was after he was denounced by Trump over Wolff's book and just before he would be forced to resign as executive chairman of Breitbart News.

In his interview with Gross for her show "Fresh Air", Green added that Bannon doesn't care about women's equality but recognized the ways in which the "matriarchy" and #MeToo's expression of rage against the patriarchy shouldn't be ignored.

Steve Bannon, the former right-hand man to United States president Donald Trump, is set to visit Zurich in March at the invitation of conservative Swiss magazine Die Weltwoche, the publication's editor revealed on Wednesday.

To Bannon, the #MeToo movement poses "an existential threat" to Trump, according to Green. But the movement was bigger than Oprah. 'You watch. The time has come.

In the past week, the White House has underscored Trump's problem with women with questions over its response to the spousal-abuse scandal involving Rob Porter, the ousted White House staff secretary and assistant to Chief of Staff John Kelly, Green pointed out to Gross. "He is the patriarch".

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