Published: Tue, February 06, 2018
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Home Speaker Ryan deletes tweet praising $1.50 pay improve

Home Speaker Ryan deletes tweet praising $1.50 pay improve

Remember Paul Ryan's now-deleted tweet touting how a secretary was getting an extra $1.50 a week?

"Yeah, I'm sad and surprised she said that", Ryan said last month on C-Span.

But to CBS News, she made a point of noting how others quoted in the AP report "got hundreds more--hundreds, and I get a dollar-fifty per paycheck more, so it shows me that he might not have read the whole article".

In a tweet posted on Saturday morning (that has since been deleted), Ryan told a story of a "secretary at a public high school" that was "pleasantly surprised her pay went up $1.50 a week".

But, as Ketchum told CBS News, the people cited above and below her in the story both reportedly got an extra $200 in their paychecks.

Ryan's tweet elicited outrage, mostly from those on the left.

Paul Ryan deleted his embarrassing tweet of a blatant admission because he and Republicans don't want you to know the truth: the #GOPTaxScam is a gift to corporate America and the top 1% at your expense. In reality, it does the opposite. Many middle-class people will then see their taxes ultimately rise, reversing even the benefits of a tax cut that is already far less than was promised.

In the 48 hours after the tweet was deleted, the Bryce campaign raised more than $150,000 from 12,253 individual donations across all 50 states.

But on Monday, Ryan's national press secretary doubled down.

But as paychecks begin to roll out in February, many employees will see their take-home pay increase as their tax bill shrinks.

The tweet has backfired in the real world, though, too - not just on Twitter.

Ryan's office did not immediately return CNN's request for comment.

Bryce, a Democrat, is looking to unseat Ryan this November, should he win the Democratic nomination.

As of December 31, Ryan had about $9.65 million in cash on hand, while Bryce had about $1.3 million on hand, according to Federal Election Commission data.

House of Representatives Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi also criticized Ryan's tweet.

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