Published: Sat, February 17, 2018
Medicine | By Brett Sutton

Hyderabad couple arrested for beheading baby for human sacrifice

Hyderabad couple arrested for beheading baby for human sacrifice

During questioning Rajashekar told the investigators of the case that he was suggested to perform human sacrifice for his wife long life.

Around 1.30 am on February 1, during the lunar eclipse dubbed as the super blue blood moon, Rajasekhar took the child in his auto to the banks of the River Musi at Prathap Singaram on the city outskirts and around 2 am, beheaded her. Dumping the torso and the knife in the river and after waiting for the bleeding to stop, he took the head in a polythene bag and reached home around 3am.

The murderer couple has been identified as Rajasekhar and Srilatha. The police said that another three women were involved in the ritual of Kshudra Pooja.

According to the police, Rajshekhar had been anxious about his wife's health from the past several years.

K Rajashekar, the accused, had been advised by somebody to commit a human sacrifice for curing his wife's chronic illness, police said.

The police said that Rajashekar began looking for a girl child to sacrifice, taking care to leave no traces of kidnap.

At around 3 am, he reportedly reached home with the baby's head in a polythene bag.

He then kept the severed head to the terrace and kept it in the south-west corner under the lunar eclipse moonlight and the rising sun.

On February 9, a second clues team visited his single-storey house again and, after hours of search, managed to find a speck of blood on the floor of his bedroom.

The police, who were clueless for more than a week, finally stumbled upon a blood sample from the living room, with DNA profiling at the Forensic Science Lab here confirming that it was from the head found on the terrace.

The police arrested Rajashekar in the early hours of February 15, following which he reportedly confessed to the crime and they also seized his vehicle.

Police said, the duo accused have accepted their crime. He tried to play the blame game on his neighbours to divert police investigation.

The adjacent house, which doubled up as an "electrical works" shop in front, had two residents, Narahari and his son Ranjith. However, police officials found substantial evidence which inclined the case towards him. They just detained and questioned me, and now they have left me off.

A case of murder, kidnapping and other relevant offences has been registered against the couple under the IPC.

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