Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Kenyan court declares deportation of opposition member to Canada illegal

Kenyan court declares deportation of opposition member to Canada illegal

A Kenyan judge has rescinded the orders used to deport to Canada an opposition politician over his alleged role in a mock inauguration by opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Judge Luka Kumaru ruled on Thursday, Friday 15 that the declaration by Dr Matiang'i was null and void and directed the Immigration director Gordon Kihalagwa to surrender Miguna's passport to court within seven days.

Last week, the vocal lawyer was controversially deported to Canada after being held for five days.

The government said the ruling was "not in the best interest of the country", adding it would appeal shortly.

Mr Miguna however, with the help of a battery of lawyers, vowed to return to the country and sought the courts to declare his deportation illegal while also asking the government to be compelled to facilitate his unconditional return to his country of birth. "Miguna welcomed the court ruling, tweeting: "[We] are fully committed to the rule of law.

Following his deportation, Matiangí said that Miguna was ejected for being in the country illegally as he had renounced his Kenyan citizenship in 1988 when he applied for Canadian citizenship.

Meanwhile the oppositional National Super Alliance coalition's commitment to running a parallel government is steadfast as they promised to launch a National People's Constituent Assembly within 10 days.

He cited eight recent instances, which he called "evidence of bias, double standards, impunity and poor leadership on the part of the judiciary", including Odinga's boycott of the repeat vote, which Maraga did not condemn. "We shall use the constitution as the spear and the shield in the fight".

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