Published: Fri, February 02, 2018
Medicine | By Brett Sutton

OK Flu-Related Deaths Jumps To 92; More Than 2500 Hospitalizations

OK Flu-Related Deaths Jumps To 92; More Than 2500 Hospitalizations

This is up from a mere three cases - an increase of 1,200 percent - reported during the corresponding period in 2016-2017.

"Every flu season is different", she said.

The statistics suggest around 4,500 people in England were admitted to hospital with flu last week. "Australia had high peaks of influenza in the fall (during their flu season) with H3N2, which is a predictor of our fate during our flu season".

The severity of the flu this season caused Challenger, Gray, & Christmas, an employment consulting firm, to update its original flu season prediction from mid-January, which projected more than $9.4 billion in lost productivity.

The viruses in the shots are altered so as to not inject someone with the flu.

Based on the average hourly wage of $26.63, that time out sick could represent more than $15.4 billion in lost productivity across the nation.

"I hate that so many people are getting sick and the flu is not a fun disease to have, but I hope it's all over soon", Bensel said. Symptoms of influenza are similar to cold symptoms, but come on more swiftly and are more pronounced.

"What happens is, the hospital is full of patients that starts to back up into the emergency department, as well as backing up in the recovery room - and the issues with that are, folks get stuck and not the care that they would prefer to receive".

Businesses can combat this loss by providing flu shots to their employees. The high-dose flu shot recommended for those 65 years and older is $47 and covered by Medicare.

If you think you have the flu, you should talk to a doctor. But if you're hoping to prevent the flu, the story is still the same. Food says the best way to help prevent the flu is the be vaccinated. Shore said Hanks also had a medical condition that put her at high risk if she contracted the flu.

Health officials said the current season is the worst for seven years, whilst the Daily Telegraph have claimed that if trends continue, an epidemic will be declared across England within a fortnight.

Beyond standard hygiene, Dr. Catapano noted, it's important that people who have a family member with the flu know they also have the option of taking a preventive dose of Tamiflu - even if they've had the vaccine. "We are right in line with numbers from the 2013-2014 season". If you have questions, feel free to ask any member of your care team.

Aislynn Stocks, a combat medic in the Army National Guard and a licensed EMT, said it's vital to avoid contact with those who are sick and to get rest when sick.

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