Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
Research | By Raquel Erickson

Samsung Releases Teaser Videos for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

Samsung Releases Teaser Videos for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

A separate leak shows supposed shots taken on Galaxy S9's camera. The announcement will be made at the MWC 2018 on February 25 in Barcelona.

It's not uncommon for accessories like cases and covers to be made available for purchase by online retailers even before the device has been announced.

We've heard about the Galaxy S9's apparent Animoji-like features before, and this final teaser goes a long way to legitimizing that particular rumor. It's made from high-quality synthetic leather materials and will provide adequate protection for the device.

Samsung Releases Teaser Videos for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

Samsung Mobile Korea has released the three promo videos for its upcoming Galaxy S9 on Wednesday. It could also be highlighting the rumoured super-slow motion video recording feature.

The camera is one of the most important features buyers look at when buying a new smartphone. The second video powers through fast-paced action sequences before slowing everything right down at the very end. But Apple's iPhone X and Google's Pixel 2 XL have shown that Samsung still has a lot to do to enhance the camera capabilities of its flagship phones. The front of the smartphone is said to come with an 8MP autofocus selfie camera. Samsung has been pushing the low-light performance for the last several years. Then appears the number "9" and his face turns into a 3D cartoon version of his face. The emoticons flying into the guy's mouth could be another hint at what the 3D emoji feature will be able to do, or it could just be something dreamed up in marketing. This gives a clear reference to a slow-motion camera for the Galaxy S9.

Apparently, G950/G955-FXXU1CRAP Android 8.0 Oreo files are no more accessible.

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