Published: Sun, February 04, 2018
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Super Bowl tickets up 31 percent over last year

Super Bowl tickets up 31 percent over last year

If I told you a month ago the Philadelphia Eagles would be in this year's Super Bowl, they'd be without their star quarterback Carson Wentz, a Hall of Fame tackle, and one of their top linebackers - and they'd be taking on Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots - would you have thought the Eagles stood a chance?

This one is for all the Eagles who haven't won the big one since Norm Van Brocklin.

Yet here we are again. That is just to be honest. I have no idea who has the best offensive line or defensive line of the two teams, for instance, and I don't know much about any particular unit on either team for that matter.

I don't know about you but I wouldn't try and give extra motivation to the Patriots. But as they did against the Chargers and seem to inevitably accomplish against the most teams, the Patriots find a way to win.

The easiest way for most people to watch this year's NFL Super Bowl is with the BBC.

"I walked into a store the other night with my stuff on and it went silent", said Eagles fan and LinCross regular Henry Yip.

Should be another really good game this year.

"We're bringing that trophy back to Philly". Wisniewski, in his seventh National Football League season and second with the Eagles, appeared in 14 games with 11 starts this season. He has the belief that going into the fourth quarter, no matter the score, his team will win. "A lot of teams like the Falcons past year, I just think they try to be too fancy, instead of just try and win the game".

Although I am rooting for the Eagles, I will not vote against Coach Belichick and Tom Brady.

"And gamblers are used to playing the Patriots during the regular season because they perform well during the regular season most of the time and that sort of familiarity is sort of comforting to a lot of players". They kind of have the tools, you would think. Either way, I'm eating ribs, tri tip, burgers and dogs and hanging out with my family and friends. Only one of the past 14 Super Bowls have been decided by more than 14 points so history suggests these contests usually come down to the wire.

It's tough to go against Tom Brady and his five Super Bowl rings. They can get to the quarterback with just their front four.

I am a big underdog fan.

LinCross expects to be at full capacity on Sunday to host their Super Bowl party. While the Eagles have had a phenomenal season while overcoming a ton of injuries, it will be tough to overcome the experience of the Patriots.

Opened in 2016, the home of the Minnesota Vikings - who almost became the first side to play a home Super Bowl this year - cost over $1.1billion (£780m) to build over a three-year period from the end of 2013.

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