Published: Fri, February 16, 2018
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The media should stop fawning over Kim Jong-un's sister

The media should stop fawning over Kim Jong-un's sister

The only reason Kim Jong-un is reaching out to South Korea - he has offered to host President Moon Jae-in for a summit in Pyongyang - is to drive a wedge between Washington and Seoul. And other details suggest the White House was more focused on ideological signaling than diplomatic grunt work: As my Washington Post colleague David Nakamura reported last week, President Donald Trump blindsided Seoul by highlighting North Korean defectors in the days before the Games started, while Pence's staff flubbed basic details such as knowing the name of South Korea's ambassador in Washington. In August, responding to reports that North Korea had begun making missile-ready nuclear weapons, President Trump stated that the nation would be "met with fire and fury" if it continued developing its nuclear program.

But she couldn't imagine asking a North Korean directly about it.

That's why there's unity, and the USA mainstream media is treating the whole thing like it's Disney Land.

But at the same time, Pence signaled more openness to engagement with Pyongyang.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in called Thursday for global support to possible talks between North Korea and the United States. "So the maximum pressure campaign is going to continue and intensify". We in the South want a democratic peaceful unification, while they might want a socialist unification.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is reportedly convinced that President Trump won't simply follow in his predecessors' footprints and allow the regime to continue its escalating nuclear program; allegedly asking South Korean officials to help the Hermit Kingdom delay the USA assault.

"We want to make sure North Korea understands us, and if there's an opportunity for talks that can communicate the fixed policy of the United States of America to them, the president has made it clear he always believes in talking".

The North Korean defector singled out by Donald Trump as a living example of Pyongyang's atrocities says the United States president has set a milestone in global efforts to improve North Korea's human rights record.

Tillerson's response to Pence's comments was guarded.

"Frankly I think this view is too naive. But talking is not negotiation - talking is understanding one another", he said.

The media's willingness to side against people like him, and to overlook these atrocities for the sake of political gain, is an embarrassing betrayal of the values they claim to champion as members of the American press.

Moon said the Koreas should create an environment so that the first inter-Korean summit since 2007 could take place.

Critics also said the government gave unreasonably special treatment to the North. Immigration checks were minimized when Hyon entered the South on January 21, and an official said baggage checks were mere formalities despite worldwide sanctions now in place on the North.

Despite renewed threats of nuclear aggression from the North, the Olympics is offering the chance at diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula. Until now, the largest amount spent for the North Korean participation in a sports event in the South was 1.36 billion won for the 2002 Busan Asian Games.

The hurdles, however, remain high. "It also increases the chances the United States and North Korea will soon begin a process that represents the best hope of preventing a devastating worldwide conflict".

Skating to music from Diane Justler's "Je suis qu'une chanson", the North's Ryom-Kim pair made a clean triple twist lift and triple toe loop-double toe loop jump in the beginning of the program.

That's another step that the Trump administration has so far shown no interest in taking.

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