Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Windows 10 to get Ultimate Performance power mode for workstation users

Windows 10 to get Ultimate Performance power mode for workstation users

Meanwhile, do hit up Windows Update if you are on the Insider Preview program and let us know if you do find any performance gains when enabling Ultimate Performance. Microsoft will be pushing app updates to Skip Ahead Insiders just like before.

Now, the insiders who earlier opted into "Skip Ahead" and are still a part of it will receive Windows 10 Preview Builds under the RS_PRERELEASE branch, featuring the changes that may arrive with Redstone 5. So, Microsoft will not make this plan available on battery powered PCs.

Microsoft has launched an App Preview Program for Windows 10 to allow everyone to try upcoming versions of Windows apps ahead of release.

Insiders will be able to opt into previews for Feedback Hub, Microsoft Photos, Microsoft Sticky Notes, Microsoft Tips, Paint 3D, Windows Alarms & Clock, Windows Calculator, Windows Camera, Windows Mixed Reality Viewer and Windows Voice Recorder. The company is rolling out these app previews over the next few days. To opt into a preview for an app, users should go to the Settings or About page of the app and click the "Join preview" button.

Microsoft also altered Windows 10 Pro for Workstations to include a new power scheme called Ultimate Performance, and to change the default apps from consumer software and games to productivity and enterprise-focused offerings.

Windows 10 to get Ultimate Performance power mode for workstation users

On February 14, Microsoft simultaneously released a new test build of Redstone 4 (No. 17101) and the first Redstone 5 build (No. 17604).

The most interesting move is actually the introduction of some new features for Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, including a fresh power scheme.

A look at app previews in settings.

Apart from that, the new Windows 10 Insider Build will also come with updated emoji designs, improved control on file access permissions for Universal Windows Programs, and a number of bug fixes and performance improvements as usual.

It appears that Ultimate Performance mode may only be available when a laptop is plugged in (or not on laptops at all), as Sarkar notes that the "power policy is now not available on battery powered systems".

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