Published: Tue, March 20, 2018
Finance | By Loren Pratt

Another IndiGo A320 neo withdrawn over P&W engine concerns

Another IndiGo A320 neo withdrawn over P&W engine concerns

IndiGo had on 18 March said that it had withdrawn two A320neo aircraft, the first operating on Bengaluru-Delhi route after metal chips were observed on one of the engines, and the second operating on Delhi-Srinagar due to hydraulic leakage. (See: DGCA grounds 11 Airbus aircraft over IndiGo's mid-air engine failure).

Both IndiGo and GoAir cancelled several flights during the last one week due to a number of aircraft being grounded.

About the Mumbai bound plane grounded in Jammu, she wrote: "An A320 neo aircraft that operated Mumbai-Jammu, during maintenance checks was detected with leakage from #1 engine". IndiGo had said in a statement, "An A320 Neo aircraft that operated Delhi-Srinagar was cleared after maintenance checks upon arrival at Srinagar airport", reported in Zee News. The rest are back in operation. "Both these aircraft were immediately withdrawn for rectification". A Mumbai bound flight 6E 439 from Kochi had to reject take-off due to issues in its engine. These are not the only emergency landing made by Indigo, it is known that a total of six flights have been grounded by the low-priced carrier in one week.

IndiGo said the problem did not pertain to the ongoing concerns with the geared turbofan engines. It needs to be noted that, such grounding of flights by Indigo comes after the aviation regulator the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCAs) last week banned 8 planes carrying A320Neo engines of the airline.

The IndiGo flight (6E-711) was withdrawn after high vibration in the engine. On an aggregate basis for all airlines, 55.4 per cent of the flights cancelled in February were due to technical reasons. Put together, IndiGo and GoAir have cancelled around 626 flights. Of these, eight belong to IndiGo while three are from the GoAir fleet.

This brings the total number of similar instances of serious technical glitches to six in the past week alone, sending Indias domestic flights into a tailspin of heavy turbulence. The setback also comes at a time when IndiGo plans to seek permission from the government to fly long-haul global flights. Till date, 14 A320Neos with these operators fitted engines beyond ESN 450 have been grounded.

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