Published: Tue, March 27, 2018
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Avengers assemble to help dying child

Avengers assemble to help dying child

If you have a celeb connection, please let me know. But happy to help. Otherwise, could you help out with a RT? "Thank you in advance!"

Both actors are about to star in their own films with Chris about to star in Marvel's biggest film to date; Avengers Infinity War and Ryan ready to bring out his sequel to the blockbuster Deadpool.

The altruistic commitment of Evans and Reynolds to brightening a sick child's spirits is nothing short of inspiring - and it's in keeping with the Marvel crew's longstanding history of using their superheroic clout for noble purposes.

Captain America Chris Evans and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds have pitched their support to a terminally-ill child after a Twitter post trying to reach out to the "Avengers" went viral on social media.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Have a Double Date Night With Emily Blunt and John Krasinski - See the Pics! . He was joined by his Age of Ultron and Infinity War co-star, Paul Bettany.

Bettany replied, "I'm the purple one".

This movement spilled over into Marvel's TV universe as well. "I started to become more curious about it, and then I fell in love with the profession - but it wasn't like I was growing up dreaming of becoming an actress".

Zachary Levi, who starred in two of the Thor films and will play hero Shazam in the DC Comics, as well as CNN's Jake Tapper and more also replied to Bream's request.

All of these actors simply play superheroes on screen, but it's clear that they're more than willing to answer the call when someone needs them in the real world. "But happy to help", the actor said. We'll keep you updated on how the story with the young boy plays out in the coming days.

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