Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

Both Broncos and Cardinals interested in Case Keenum

Both Broncos and Cardinals interested in Case Keenum

With teams officially able to court him, Kirk Cousins said goodbye Monday to the Washington Redskins.

"When [son] Cooper someday asks: 'Hey Dad, what was it like playing for the Redskins?' I'll proudly tell him it was a dream come true", he wrote.

In his note, published on, Cousins writes, "The team has chose to move on to another option and, in turn, my family and I will be moving on as well".

Free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins has drawn interest from several teams this offseason including the Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings.

If you sign Keenum to a multi-year contract at, say, $16 million per season, you can not justify that type of price tag sitting on your bench and a rookie being drafted at number five overall.

Cousins' message was a typical thank you to an organization and its fans, but it was the tags listed beneath the post that grabbed the attention of the football world.

In Cousins' case, the decision to make his tags public may have backfired, because whoever posted the story included the tag "Jets" and the tag "Vikings".

On top of that, Cousins appears to have acknowledged that both the Jets and Vikings are his only two strong options at this point, as he tagged the teams in his farewell letter to the Redskins on his personal website (they've since been removed). It's hard to imagine he would pass on an opportunity to meet and speak to his next employer and coaches first-hand before making what he called in his farewell blog-post "one of the bigger decisions of my life". Would make him the highest paid QB. For the first time in 11 years I will participate in choosing where I play. He can not sign anywhere officially until 4 p.m. Wednesday.

That could change if Cousins is willing to grant the Broncos a face-to-face meeting. "I'm all in 100 percent", Miller said of signing Cousins, in an interview with "He's a GREAT recruiter!"

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