Published: Sun, March 18, 2018
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Camila Cabello Shuts Down Those Taylor Swift & Fifth Harmony Rumours

Camila Cabello Shuts Down Those Taylor Swift & Fifth Harmony Rumours

Apparently, people were suggesting that Cabello was urged to leave Fifth Harmony by friend and soon-to-be tour mate Taylor Swift. "It annoyed me that people said that she was encouraging me, because I know she probably got a lot of flak for that or a lot of negative criticism for that, and that annoys me because I'm really protective over my friends". So there you have it guys, Camila does what she wants.

Even though the members of the group explained that it was not their intention to shade Cabello, the 21-year-old singer still said that the move hurt her feelings. "Absolutely nobody could ever persuade me to do anything". Camila says of any suggestion that Taylor somehow advised her to quit Fifth Harmony.

Camila who was recently announced to be supporting Taylor on her Reputation stadium tour, has shut down every single speculation about the "Look What You Made Me Do" singer.

"If I dont want to do somethingthe whole world could be telling meand I wont do it".

"I have always been such a private person and the one thing that has been, I think, the hardest thing about this industry has been letting go of that privacy", she reasoned. I genuinely wish them the best and I just have love for them and the whole journey we went through. "Whenever we hang out, we talk about love and boys", Camila tells Wootton. "I need to keep some things mine for them to be special-and just to protect that", she said.

"I don't have any bad feelings towards them". I feel like now that it's been a year and a half I totally respect the time and the memories we had. It is the sole responsibility of each user to ensure they are completely happy to interact and trade with each on-line fashion vendor.

Later that day, Fifth Harmony released its official statement about Cabello's exit, saying, in part: "We are excited for our future ..."

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