Published: Sat, March 17, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

China's President Xi Jinping reappointed with no term limits

China's President Xi Jinping reappointed with no term limits

China s President Xi Jinping will get a second five-year term on Saturday, with his right-hand man tipped to become vice president to help him consolidate power and handle USA trade threats.

China's legislature Saturday appointed as vice president Wang Qishan, who ran Mr. Xi's relentless anticorruption campaign before reaching a customary retirement age and stepping down from the Communist Party leadership last fall.

On a proposal given by Communist Party of China for the constitutional amendment for removing the two-term limit for President and Vice President, over 2,900 delegates of NPC have voted in a favor of it.

The Chinese legislature gave a near-unanimous approval to the sweeping changes, with 2,958 votes in favour, and only two votes against.

Like Xi's re-election, Wang's appointment was no surprise as he enjoys the President's patronage.

A total of 21 items; four in the preamble and 17 in the main body, were revised, with a new section inserted.

"Our Chairman Xi is too great, truly he is too great", said Du Meishuang, a Chinese opera singer and delegate from Chairman Mao's home province of Hunan.

He would have had to give up the presidency after the end of his second term in 2023, but he now has a lifetime to push his vision of making China a global powerhouse with a "world-class" military. The appointment of Mr. Wang, who is about five years older than Mr. Xi, allows the president to avoid placing a younger official-and potential competitor-in a post that leaders-in-waiting have held in the past. After the vote was announced in Beijing's Great Hall of the People, Wang bowed and then walked over to Xi to shake his hand.

This was the first time for a Chinese president to take a public oath of allegiance to the Constitution, the fundamental law of the country, upon assuming office. According to reports, the observers claimed the vote share show diversity in China's political system.

Known internationally in his previous role as China's pointman on trade, Wang could help Xi deal with increasingly tense relations with the United States amid fears of a looming trade war, analysts say. Members voted unanimously to renew Xi's term as president and chairman of the Central Military Commission.

Except for Premier Li Keqiang, all top posts including the entire Cabinet beside Governor of the central bank will be occupied by a new set of officials.

From India's perspective for the new line-up of officials, China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi was widely expected to be elevated to be State Councillor which makes him the top diplomat of the country. The elevation will entail him to become China's special representative for India-China boundary talks. Wang is expected to be given a portfolio covering China's ambitious global affairs agenda, including handling rocky relations with the U.S., the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported.

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