Published: Sat, March 17, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Famous Snake Catching Fireman Dies After Being Bitten By Cobra

Famous Snake Catching Fireman Dies After Being Bitten By Cobra

Abu Zarin Hussin, the firefighter renowned for his snake-catching skills, died early today after being bitten by a cobra three days ago.

Abu Zarin Hussin had been bitten by snakes several times before and even spent two days in a coma after being bitten by a cobra in 2015.

Mr Hussin had trained other firefighters on how to handle snakes.

Although the reports were false, the Malaysian firefighter later participated in a talent show where he showed off his skills as a snake handler and even kissed a serpent.

Friends marveled at Hussin's daring and bravado, while pointing out the snake-catcher's patience and determination during unsafe missions.

He was bitten by a wild cobra while responding to a call to catch the aggressive reptile shared the Director of Kuala Lumpur Fire and Rescue Department, Khiruddin Drahman, "The snake he caught was a wild spitting cobra".

Hussin was also widely known for being misidentified by British tabloids in 2016 as a Thai manwho allegedly married his pet snake, believing it to be his "reincarnated girlfriend" because of its "striking resemblance" to her.

He kept four cobras as pets to better understand their behaviour, and regularly posted about them to social media. Hussin denied the reports and expressed his disappointment over them.

Despite having been bitten at least eight times during his career, Hussain continued to educate people on how to deal with snakes and control them. Perhaps it was only time that for a man who continuously dared the primal, that his luck would run out....

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