Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Flake files bill to stop the Trump tariffs

Orrin Hatch, the Utah Republican who chairs the Senate Finance Committee and who has enjoyed a close relationship with Trump, called the president's latest move policy "misguided". Ryan told Home Depot Inc. employees how they and their company will be helped by the tax cuts passed past year.

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake said a GOP critic of President Trump should mount a challenge against him in the 2020 presidential race. "We will continue to urge the administration to narrow this policy so that it is focused only on those countries and practices that violate trade law".

Ryan has been reluctant to criticize Trump, even when the two disagree.

Flake continued, claiming Trump would lessen or strengthen tariffs on certain countries if their leaders would do something that the president agrees or disagrees with.

"Today, I am defending America's national security by placing tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum", Trump said during the signing event on Thursday.

Johnson said he expected Trump's action, which takes effect in 15 days, to be challenged in court.

"The Trump administration would mar its otherwise strong economic record by imposing these tariffs", Brandon said in a statement.

"I believe that these tariffs will actually cost us jobs, rather than protecting them". "Our factories were left to rot and to rust all over the place", Trump said.

Trump said on Thursday that Canada and Mexico would be exempted from the tariffs as they try to negotiate a larger trade agreement.

Ryan is trying to persuade voters to elect Republicans and allow the party to keep control of the House by highlighting the GOP's successful drive to cut taxes for corporations and many individuals.

"Simply put: This is a tax hike on American manufacturers, workers and consumers", Hatch said on Twitter.

Republican Ben Sasse of Nebraska said the on the verge of a "stupid trade war". "And I don't blame my colleagues for just saying, 'Hey, you know, I'm just not going to comment anymore.' But I think it's our responsibility, at least at some point, when he goes so far, to stand up and say, 'This is not normal".

After weeks of talk, Trump has settled on a modest set of proposals that fall far short of the wide-ranging changes - such as raising the minimum purchasing age on some guns or expanding background checks to gun shows and internet sales - he promoted during a televised White House meeting at the end of February.

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