Published: Sun, March 11, 2018
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It's hard for a star child to succeed in Bollywood: Kareena Kapoor

It's hard for a star child to succeed in Bollywood: Kareena Kapoor

The two sisters posed with Clinton.

Karisma too spoke at the Conclave. The gorgeous ladies were, as usual, looking stunning, where Kareena was seen wearing a sophisticated all-white suit, Karishma made sure her black dress was simple yet elegant.

The duo talked about the controversies and myths regarding Kapoor khandaan. Speaking to the host Rajdeep Sardesai, Bebo reflcted on how the name of her son became a topic for discussion for nearly everyone.

While both Saif and Kareena stayed strong all through the controversy, not many know that Saif had nearly given in to the massive pressure and was ready to change Taimur's name to "Faiz". "My son is Taimur and will grow up to be like his name - an Iron Man one day", she said. "It is their choice not to work, Geeta aunty and Jennifer chose to work". My father was very supportive. "If nepotism exists everyone would have been superstars", added the Veer Di Wedding star, citing Ranveer Singh's claim to stardom. He did not help us, (or) recommend us.

The sisters were then asked if nepotism exists in Bollywood.

Kapoor replied: "There are so many superstars from yesteryears and not all of their children are a superstar".

The actor, however, added, "I think he is getting used to it because, off late, if I compare his pictures, he has started posing".

The "Bajrangi Bhaijaan" actor said, after Taimur's birth, her life was "no more my own", and her son was her heartbeat. "When you are on-screen, anybody can make or break you; anyone can make a judgment on you irrespective of you are a daughter or grandchildren of someone". "When you have generations of actors and a huge legacy behind you, it is actually hard for a star child to live up to it and succeed in this industry", she said.

During the discussion, when they were countered "But Kangana Ranaut said otherwise", Karisma quipped, "People can have their opinion and we should respect each opinion".

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