Published: Thu, March 08, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

March for Our Lives: What are local systems doing?

March for Our Lives: What are local systems doing?

A planned high school walkout in the Bitterroot next week has caused some controversy among parents and community members.

For school administrators, they say their chief concern is the safety and security of their students at the event, and politics aside it's what the students can learn.

Some commenters even accused Hamilton High School of manipulating students to participate in the walkout.

"My son has my full support should he choose to peacefully demonstrate in favor of school safety, gun control, or any other issue that he deems worthy", said parent Andrea Pastorelli Smith. "This opportunity for "student voice" will be on campus with parameters that keep everyone safe".

"A gun-free zone is, 'Let's go in and let's attack, because bullets aren't coming back at us, '" Trump said.

Student organizers issued a statement before the protest in which they criticized legislators for not doing enough to make them safe in schools.

Principals at other Cobb schools also are beginning to communicate with their students and parents about alternate walkout day activities. "We're not going to get in the way, they won't be counted absent or unexcused". "I want to show them they have a voice and that they can express it", he said.

Schools spokesman Bob Mosier said the system neither encourages nor endorses hundreds of students leaving the classroom to walk outside unsupervised and congregate in a small area at a predictable time.

The National School Walkout is created to honor those killed in the massacre at Parkland High School earlier this year and to protest gun violence. He said students can participate without fear of penalty. She said students from all of the Boise high schools and schools in Eagle, Meridian and Nampa have committed to participating in the walkout in some form. This is a national, student-powered initiative, meant to spark action to keep our schools and our communities safe from gun violence.

"When I first brought this up, the number of students who wanted to participate was awesome", DeVoy said.

Cruz's public defender says he will plead guilty if prosecutors take the death penalty off the table, which would mean a life prison sentence.

What is a little more unusual is that reporters were joining the chorus, to express their dismay at how abruptly DeVos ended the press conference she held afterwards. "We believe this will inspire and equip our students to become active and productive citizens in a safe and productive manner".

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