Published: Sat, March 24, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

New passport for post-Brexit Britain turns into French farce

New passport for post-Brexit Britain turns into French farce

Lars Løkke Rasmussen, whose country catches more than a third of its fish in British waters, said Denmark would push for a "balanced deal" in which a share of United Kingdom fishing rights are on the table, risking further ire from fishermen already angry at the terms of a 21-month transition deal agreed by the United Kingdom this week. However, finding a practical solution for any customs checks needed post-Brexit has proved elusive so far.

Mr Mason said an independent Scotland would not rejoin the European Union if it meant a bad deal for the country's fishing sector, in an apparent breach with party policy. A weekend of intensive talks, however, has broken the deadlock - for now.

The episode is a potential source of embarrassment for the government of Prime Minister Theresa May.

Under EU procurement rules, the Home Office had been required to throw open the bidding process to European firms.

The Irish border issue is still considered the most complex problem in the negotiations, and it provoked a crisis in December before a fudged, last-minute compromise, was reached.

Mr Sutherland - who said he received confirmation from Britain's interior ministry about the decision - said he would appeal the decision. "But it remains our intention to achieve a partnership that is so close as to not require specific measures in relation to Northern Ireland".

Britain says it is seeking the freest possible trade with the European Union after Brexit and has outlined potential customs regimes, but it has yet to begin detailed negotiations with the bloc on what its future trading relationship will look like.

The U.K. and European Union have reached a deal on the transition agreement that businesses are keen to get pinned down for the period immediately after Brexit.

However he described the agreements as a "decisive" moment for efforts to avoid Britain crashing out without a deal.

David Davis says the transition agreement means businesses now have certainty about the period immediately after Brexit; they can go ahead with investment decisions and be sure there's no disruption.

But he warned "not the end of the road" and there remained "a lot of work still to be done".

All sides in the negotiations insist they want to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, but their ideas for how the issues should be solved are very different.

Ms May, who depends on Northern Irish votes for her slender parliamentary majority, said no British prime minister could ever agree to such an isolation of the province from the mainland.

"We have agreed that the backstop solution must form part of the legal text of the withdrawal agreement".

It's also noticeable that the pound has risen significantly against the dollar.

Mrs May will make her appeal on the eve of a crunch meeting of leaders of the remaining 27 member states on Friday, when they are expected to approve a draft deal on Britain's transition to Brexit, opening the door for talks on trade.

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