Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Power outages remain a problem after storm

Power outages remain a problem after storm

Two trees fell on Brian King's home in Carver, Massachusetts, which got 10 inches (25 centimeters) of snow, according to the National Weather Service.

The third nor'easter to hit parts of the USA northeast in two weeks was expected to start late on Monday and Amtrak said it would suspend service on Tuesday between Boston and NY, as the storm could bring high winds, a foot or more of snow and power outages.

A nor'easter that could bring blizzard conditions and almost 2 feet of snow to some areas of New England quickly intensified Tuesday morning, covering highways with snow and knocking out power to tens of thousands.

About 140,000 customers were without power in MA on Wednesday morning, while Maine, Rhode Island and CT were also dealing with scattered outages.

"If I lost power, we'd (still) celebrate Mass", Healey said.

"We've had storms in '16 and '17 and a couple this year, but it seems like this one is gonna be a big one".

"We're not out of winter yet, that's for sure", Paul Knight, of Portland, said as snow accumulated on his eyebrows during a stroll.

The storm closed schools and businesses across Rhode Island, knocked out power and made driving treacherous.

Wind gusts of almost 70 miles per hour were reported on Cape Cod in the early stages of the storm.

Boston's Logan International Airport, almost deserted Tuesday, resumed flights Wednesday.

A fierce storm has lashed the north-east in the USA, with widespread power outages amid the hurricane-force winds and heavy snow.

The officer behind the wheel drives up to the fallen tree to show it stretching across Bournedale Road.

High winds and blowing snow led meteorologists to categorise the storm as a blizzard in parts of New England, including Boston.

The National Weather Service said Derry, New Hampshire, got 25 inches, while Burrillville, Rhode Island, and Kezar Falls, Maine, both got 20 inches. "It'll hit New England the hardest". The Portland International Jetport has had 75.5 inches of snow, far above the normal for the date of 51.8 inches, with another 12 to 18 inches on the way, said James Brown, of the National Weather Service.

Light snow is still falling across the region, and will begin tapering off through the evening.

In New Hampshire, as much as 14 inches of snow was forecast, and the storm was wreaking havoc with the age-old town meeting tradition.

And while NY got less snow than New England on Tuesday, the state was in line for a harder hit Wednesday.

In Rhode Island, the snow didn't stop residents from getting to church.

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