Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Queer Eye's Tom and Abby Are Engaged!

Queer Eye's Tom and Abby Are Engaged!

In his tweet, Jackson suggested the event would make a great Netflix special if "the Fab 5 planned and attended our wedding!"

Tom Jackson, the first makeover recipient on Netflix's new Queer Eye, just got engaged to his ex-wife, Abby, and we can only assume he has the show (and his now expertly rolled sleeves) to thank.

In a later tweet, he added: "Everyone is welcome to come to our wedding".

After the Fab 5 helped Tom channel his inner studliness, he rekindled his romance with his ex-wife Abby and even asked her on a date at the end of the episode - and she said yes! I'd love ❤ for Bobby be best man, and the other 4 be my grooms men.

"Love watching your journey and seeing you two happy".

The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy crew are experts when it comes to making over every aspect of a man's life - but now they've just been invited to take on a whole new challenge.

You can stream all eight episodes of the new series of Queer Eye on Netflix now. Not only does he want the Fab 5 to plan the wedding-he would also like them to be in his wedding party as groomsmen.

Since then, fans of the show have been subject to a rollercoaster of emotions as shortly after the episode aired, Tom dropped the bombshell on Twitter that he and Abby were "no longer together" despite his lasting love for her.

"I'm crying with happiness", declared another super happy fan.

"We've loved each other for many years want to spend the rest of our lives together!"

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