Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Register for Early Access — Westworld Mobile Game

Register for Early Access — Westworld Mobile Game

Someone had leaked footage of the gameplay - which looked awesome - but that was about it.

Players will fill the shoes of a new employee hired by the Delos corporation, and put in charge of running the Park Training Simulation for Westworld. Westworld mobile game is now open.

Westworld the video game is being published by WB Games San Francisco alongside Kilter Films.

The title, which is being produced by WB Games San Francisco studio but developed by Behaviour Interactive, is set to be released later this year for Android and iOS.

According to a statement, the teams are working closely with the TV show's writers and producers to develop a game that feels right at home in the twisted world of Westworld.

If you've been hyped to play the Westworld mobile game, the release date inches closer and Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment have begun pre-registrations for it today. Everything "from their Props to their Reveries" is customisable, and for the best results you'll need to match guests with the best host to "satisfy their every desire".

Westworld will launch for mobile in April 2018 and will allow players to control their own version of an AI-populated theme park.

In the game you'll need to build and optimise park locations as well as create hosts, as there are over 170 AI hosts to maintain and upgrade to keep the park in the best shape possible. "We can't wait for fans to get their hands on the game to develop their own unique strategy to orchestrate and explore the flawless park experience".

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