Published: Sat, March 03, 2018
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

Sean McVay calls Baker Mayfield 'impressive'

Sean McVay calls Baker Mayfield 'impressive'

But more than that, it's not stopping Baker Mayfield from being Baker Mayfield.

All things considered, it's no coincidence the former OU quarterback and Heisman Trophy victor penned a thoughtful piece for The Players' Tribune, published Thursday, about why he is who he is.

Like all National Football League general managers, Mike Maccagnan is doing his due diligence at every position this week at the combine, but with a big hole under center, he will especially have his eyes on the quarterbacks. The two ended up talking, with McVay sharing some advice for Mayfield ahead of his big week meeting with teams.

"Height doesn't matter", Mayfield said. What you see is what you get. "His resume speaks for itself". "It's disrespectful, it's not the example I want to set, it's not the legacy I want to leave at OU, so I truly do apologize", Mayfield said. "It's not cocky, it's just confident".

He was asked about getting drafted by the 0-16 Cleveland Browns. I'm going to push that person in front of me. "In order to be my best, I need to play with an edge", he wrote. They've proven that it doesn't matter. With the major advantage of hindsight, if the Patriots drafted Garoppolo in the first round, they could have kept him for $12.198 million next season. I'm brutally honest. Some people don't like that because it's rare nowadays. "When I talk about planting the flag against Ohio State, I talk about the fact that was an emotional win". It's pointing out flaws, things to see if they can look past them, see if they can work with it. "So, any question they ask is fair game".

Sean McVay calls Baker Mayfield 'impressive'

"Sometimes my passion has been mistaken for immaturity- and there definitely were some moments when I was out of line that I ultimately apologized for".

This has been the experience of a lifetime, and regardless of what comes next, I'll always remember what it was like to be that unheralded walk-on who snuck onto the field to get a few extra reps in. "I just think as a pass-catcher, he's a second-round draft choice at worst". I'm always trying to improve.

"If anybody is gonna turn that franchise around, it's gonna be me". "To be able to put them in the right direction", Mayfield said. They're close. They're very close.

That will be a lot to handle; the Browns have won just one game combined over the past two seasons, and the franchise has cycled through over 25 different starting quarterbacks since the 1999 season.

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