Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Stormi Webster Is So Cute in Kylie Jenner's New Snap!

Stormi Webster Is So Cute in Kylie Jenner's New Snap!

The infant is carefully nestled in Jordyn's arms where we get a clear look of her googly woogly wosh cheeks you would long to pinch and her head full hair. And like her half-sister Khloe, Kylie and Travis thought they were having a baby boy at first.

After months of speculation about her pregnancy followed by a handsome baby announcement, of course Kylie Jenner's fans want more glimpses of baby Stormi.

Kylie kicked things off by replying to a tweet from a fan who wanted to hear the way Stormy laughs.

The couple welcomed their first child Stormi Webster last month (01Feb18) after Kylie successfully managed to enjoy her pregnancy in secret. Kylie announced her pregnancy to the world on February 5.

Kylie Jenner is back to shape in record time after her delivery and is seen flaunting her legs in her enormous closet.

She said: "Eggos! I never liked them before i was pregnant & haven't had one since i had unusual!"

The reality star also assured a woman a year older than her who asked if she was afraid of giving birth. "So I think that some people are just. when you know, you know".

"We apologise for any negative press the Kendall + Kylie brand has received". And her "little toes" are particularly precious.

She wrote that she is very proud of her daughters and their hearts and of what incredible mothers they are and their work ethics and how they do their best each day by sharing, giving back, and caring.

KYLIE JENNER SEEMED to have a bit of free time this morning, as she took to Twitter to have a chat with her fans.

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