Published: Sat, March 17, 2018
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Surveillance video shows armed deputy officer remained outside during Florida shooting

Surveillance video shows armed deputy officer remained outside during Florida shooting

Florida authorities on Thursday (Mar 15) released security footage appearing to confirm that an ex-deputy failed to take action during last month's school shooting massacre that left 17 people dead.

The video released Thursday did not have sound. It's hard to pick out Peterson or see what he was doing, but again, the sheriff said Peterson didn't go into the building while the shooter was firing.

- More than 500,000 protesters are expected to descend on Washington D.C. on March 24 as part of the March For Our Lives, a march organized by students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which was the site of a deadly mass shooting in February. Sheriff Scott Israel announced that Peterson was suspended without pay for not entering the building, and Peterson ended up resigning.

President Donald Trump called Peterson's lack of action "disgusting", but Peterson's lawyer said Israel "maligned" the deputy by saying he should have tried to engage the gunman. His attorneys have said he is willing to plead guilty if they take the death penalty off the table.

The individuals go back to the far end of the of the building near the pillar, from where they came, at 2:47p.m.

The 30-minute video shows former Deputy Scot Peterson flagging down another male staff member from the school at the main administration building and hopping on a golf cart to race to the freshman building. Broward County Judge Elizabeth Scherer then entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. She agreed to a 30-day reset and said she was inclined to discharge the public defender, but had no issue allowing the Public Defender's Office to stay on the case until it was determined whether Cruz could hire a private attorney.

The surveillance footage shows Peterson outside a school building at that time. Students, whose images are pixelated, walk into the frame and then out of it.

As Cruz sat in the courtroom, more details of the shooting emerged as the Coral Springs Police Department released recordings of 911 calls and police radio traffic.

In the recordings, students and dispatchers were uncertain about the shooter's location and how to hide from him. On the third floor, they said they shattered windows in some locked classroom doors because terrified students would not open doors.

Cruz was arrested a few blocks away from the school.

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