Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

The Flash "Run, Iris, Run" Preview Clips

The Flash

Besides, as pointed out by Patton, Iris returning to journalism was inevitable - based on that fateful 2024 "Flash Missing, Vanishes in Crisis" article with her byline on it, as seen was back on DC-based The Flash's first season.

But no matter what side of the fence you may be on, there's really no need to burst a blood vessel because this is just a temporary thing, as Barry Allen's powers will transfer over to Iris thanks to a bus meta for only one episode. For her, not so much. I will charitably call it uneven.

"For the character, really cool". And then there was Enter Flashtime which, when the day comes for me to list the best episodes in the history of this season, will definitely be on the list.

"It's certainly something we knew we wanted to get back to", Helbing said (via Collider) of Iris' career as a journalist. Now that she's met nearly all other members of team Flash, we're waiting for her identity to be revealed soon. "I don't think we've ever seen two women without superpowers fight, like hand-to-hand combat". The whole experience with having powers has reignited Iris' passion for writing and journalism and, with the day saved and the West-Allens settling in for a quiet night at home Iris reveals to Barry that she's made a decision to go back to it, resurrecting her old blog "Saved by The Flash".

"Iris" desire to put her powers to good use were an interesting contrast to Harry's overwhelming, obsessed drive to do it.

This was such a good spotlight episode for, not just Iris, but the entire dynamic of Team Flash that I nearly don't know where to start, and I'm certainly gonna end up leaving something out.

"I always though it'd be cool, just for fans and just for the show, to see her suit up for an episode", Patton said. She later gave up the blog to go to work at Central City Picture News. "The show went the extra mile to make Iris" time as a speedster special. "It was great. I'm so grateful that I got to do that". As Iris physically engages the enemies in battle, Barry will serve as the team's leader. "She understands that Barry having speed is what gets him up in the morning and is what he's passionate about".

But for me, the ultimate sign that Iris got it right, and that the show got it right, was in a small moment with her father after she brings down the bad guy.

"The Flash" executive producer Todd Helbing said that speedster Iris (Candice Patton) might re-appear on the CW series in the future.

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