Published: Mon, March 19, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Tinder's parent company sues Bumble over patents

Tinder's parent company sues Bumble over patents

Match Group, the online dating company that owns services like Tinder and, wants to buy Bumble, another popular dating app that lets women make the first move.

These include the "Matching Process System and Method" that covers a "method for profile matching includes receiving a plurality of user profiles, each user profile comprising traits of a respective user", the patent reads.

Match Group is suing Bumble, which was founded by one of Tinder's co-founders, for infringing on two of its patents, including a design patent for Tinder's now-famous swipe-to-connect feature, according to the suit.

Match Group has also accused Bumble's founding members of stealing proprietary information when they left Tinder to start Bumble.

Representatives from Bumble could not immediately be reached for comment. Match Group was reportedly still interested in Bumble's business as recently as last November. The app makes use of a similar swipe-to-match feature as that of Tinder but offers women to send the initial message.

According to some complicated early history, Whitney Wolfe, the founder of Bumble, was also one of the co-founders at Tinder before she filed a lawsuit against Tinder for sexual assault in the year 2014.

The lawsuit is the first time Match Group has launched a lawsuit to protect its patents it secured on swiping and double opt-ins for dating matches on Tinder, a company spokesperson told CNN.

In 2017, Match Group had made an offer of $450 million to Bumble. Both Gulczynski and Mick previously worked at Tinder.

The suit goes on to claim that the ex-Tinder employees knew of an "undo" button that the company was working on, which it said was "nearly, if not literally, identical" to Bumble's backtrack feature.

According to Match, Bumble's in-app mechanics and layout is really, really similar to two patents it developed and now uses on Tinder.

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