Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

WhatsApp extends Delete for All message time limit

WhatsApp extends Delete for All message time limit

Back in October previous year the UK's most popular messaging client, WhatsApp, introduced "delete for everyone" to facilitate such actions based on your second thoughts. At the time of the launch, it was mentioned that users only had seven minutes to revoke the sent message.

This is quite similar to what Facebook does through its messaging service. It is now allowing users to tag a location, as well as the current time, on any photos and videos sent to a recipient.

WhatsApp has a simple new method to send money without leaving your chat window.

The rollout comes after a beta trial of the new peer-to-peer payment system was trialed on around one million WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp has confirmed that it will now push-out the functionality to every user in India - its biggest market. WhatsApp started to launch a limited service in India, where it has now holds more than 200 million users.

According to the report, the "Block revoke request", ensures that the feature will now check if the message saved in the database, which is to be deleted for everyone, is less than 24 hours old when applying this request.

We're still waiting for official confirmation from WhatsApp, but it looks like if you've said something you'd rather not have said, or posted an embarrassing confession in the wrong group that, you're about to get more time to recall it.

An hour means you now have far longer to delete messages sent by mistake, or can wipe out entire conversations from a friend's phone. To delete the message simply tap and hold it.You'll then see the pop-up window with quick links to Reply, Forward, Copy and Delete.

If you want to hide your status when you are online, there's a very easy way to stop WhatsApp broadcasting this personal data.

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