Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Australia's Greens Party Proposes Full Recreational Cannabis Legalization

Australia's Greens Party Proposes Full Recreational Cannabis Legalization

A national agency would be established to issue licences, monitor and enforce conditions and oversee regulations.

In its proposed policy, the party has requested that it no longer be classed as a criminal offence if a person over the age of 18 is in possession of less than five grams of cannabis.

Senator Di Natale said the war on drugs isn't working and the prohibition of cannabis causes more harm than it prevents.

"It drives people away from getting help when they need it and exposes them to a unsafe black market", Senator Di Natale said.

Richard Di Natale is pushing for the controversial move to legalise cannabis for adults.

Senator Di Natale said nearly seven million Australians had tried or used cannabis, with consumption and drug possession-related arrests both on the rise.

The party has also called for the Misuse of Drugs act to be amended, individuals to be permitted to grow up to two cannabis plants in their home for personal use, and for access to cannabis-based medicines that can be used under a supervised system similar to that now in Germany.

The Australian Greens party has just announced a federal policy seeking to legalise the use of recreational cannabis in Australia.

"Prohibition has failed. Using cannabis remains illegal, but this has not stopped Australians from using it".

'We need to protect the young and the vulnerable, especially those with mental health issues, ' he said.

In a statement, detailing the proposal the party went on to say that Gardaí would be instructed to tolerate Dutch-style "coffee shops", which allow sale and consumption of cannabis for over-18s, albeit under certain conditions. In 2016, the Parliament amended the Narcotic Drugs Act to legalize cannabis production for medical use.

Banning cannabis hasn't reduced its use or availability, yet it has distracted police from following up more serious crimes, harmed a lot of young people and helped make some criminals rich.

Colorado food service workers are the most likely to use pot, according to a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, with employees in the accommodation and food services industry (30.1%) and those who worked in food preparation and serving occupations (32.2%) reporting the highest prevalence of marijuana use during 2014 and 2015.

But Health Minister Greg Hunt called on the party to withdraw its suggestion, arguing it risks the health of Australians.

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