Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

Bear helps kick off Russian football match

Bear helps kick off Russian football match

Shocking footage has emerged from Russian Federation showing a bear being made to hand over the match ball before a game in the third division.

Animal rights organizations expressed outrage after footage emerged of a trained bear named Tima performing ahead of a soccer match on Saturday between third-tier Russian teams Mashuk-KMV and Angusht.

Onlookers can be heard clapping and cheering on the animal, whose mouth had been clamped shut, before he took a ball and handed it to the referee.

Forget all the question marks over Russian Federation hosting this year's World Cup, they've found the answer in getting everyone's attention away from unfinished stadiums and political dramas - all they need is more bears.

The group director delved deeply by describing the situation, hence giving support for their stance-why they consider the move tormenting for animals.

"Bears are wild animals and as such have very specific and complex needs", he said.

The clip, uploaded by third division team FC Angusht Nazran, has received almost 500,000 views on YouTube, with Peta calling the act "utterly out of touch".

She said: 'In addition to being inhumane, using a bear as a captive servant to deliver a football is downright unsafe. Common decency should compel the league to pull this stunt'.

"Being chained up, muzzled and forced to perform unnatural acts in front of large, rowdy crowds of people causes tremendous stress and can have an untold impact on these animals, both psychological and physical".

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