Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Didn't Personally Ask For CBI Probe: J&K Minister On Kathua Case

Didn't Personally Ask For CBI Probe: J&K Minister On Kathua Case

Madhav said the two ministers stepped down because of the perception about them. For the last few days we have seen this image everywhere-on social media, across mainstream news channels and on the front page of every leading newspaper.

It is learnt that the group was initially supportive of the crime branch probing the case, while Asifa's parents had called for the probe to be high-court monitored.

The prime accused who hatched the conspiracy of abduction and murder was, Sanjhi Ram, a retired revenue official, his son Vishal, a BSc Agriculture student, his nephew, a juvenile, and their acquaintance Parvesh.

United Nations chief Antonio Guterres has expressed hope that the authorities will bring perpetrators of the brutal crime to justice.

The accused include a local priest and police officers.

The SC bench said every party before any court is entitled to engage a lawyer and if advocates oppose this principle then it would be destructive of justice dispensation system. But this is one that is making us feel anger in a way that we as a nation and people, nearly forgot to feel for the last six years.

"We were sent by the party".

"Obstruction of process of law and delivery of justice, and that too by lawyers can not be condoned and is unethical".

Sharma told PTI that a legislature party meeting of the BJP is scheduled for tomorrow in Jammu, which will take a call on their resignations.

"You can not establish a story through torture and harassment". People across the country are holding protests against the rape happened against the minor girls as the nation is outraged.

An eight-year-old girl in Kathua, belonging to a nomadic Muslim tribe in the district, was sedated time and again before being raped and killed. I am satisfied with the investigations of government. "Police did not allow us to visit the Asifas village", he claimed. "It is an open hall with three doors and windows, where people come and go regularly". How can you confine and rape anybody there.

A spokesman of the bar, in a statement, said that the members would hold a candlelight march procession from District Court complex Janipur to Ambphala at 6 pm today "in memory of the victim and to pay respectful homage to the departed soul".

"Why is she fearing?" They made the two ministers resign. "Yes, there was some indiscretion but they never tried to hamper the investigation". "Those responsible should be punished but a wrong person should not be blamed", he said. "We have been labeled just because of our name". But more significantly, we've begun to feel hopeless-because we can't help but wonder if anything we do will ever help because every effort we have taken so far seems futile, since nothing has seemed to change. The lawyers outside Jammu have always been playing the communal game set by the Sangh, but the Jammu lawyers have also joined them.

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