Published: Sun, April 15, 2018
IT | By Lester Massey

Facebook Stories Is Getting AR 3D Drawing And Instagram's Boomerang

Facebook Stories Is Getting AR 3D Drawing And Instagram's Boomerang

As per some reports from the web, the new feature is said to be the worst privacy scandal till date, and Facebook is regularly working on the stories to make it a robust feature available for the users.

Facebook has been pushing its Stories tool aggressively, despite a muted response from users.

The report also pointed out that AR drawing will be known as "3D drawing" and will roll out for Facebook users in coming weeks.

Facebook is leveling up its Stories feature.

According to sources, Facebook's new technology lets your drawing wrap on the object which looks like more real and nature than what you see in the real world. Further, the 3D drawing feature comes with only one pastel effect for making the drawings on the videos; however as per some reports, more brush options are to be added in the future. You will be amazed to see how this new AR doodles technology works on the Stories on your Facebook.

The second new feature announced for Facebook Stories - Boomerang - is an evolution of the GIF-creating feature available for a while. "Stories" was first implemented in Snapchat, but has quickly been adopted by rivals Facebook and Instagram, which have launched their own Stories.

The details of this feature are yet to be finalized and Instagram did not go into any detail at the moment.

In an attempt to bring its Stories feature on-par with Snapchat, Facebook has brought the popular "Boomerang" video effect from Instagram. Facebook Stories has not been able to duplicate that success yet, but the company likely hopes that integrating the established Boomerang brand will change this. This also means that flash photography is not supported by the new feature, on account of it harshly affecting the lighting captured in the image. For the very same reason, Facebook is now adding impressive features to this section so more people can get attracted towards it.

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