Published: Thu, April 26, 2018
Sport | By Wilson Duncan

Former Girlfriend Of 49er Foster Recants Domestic Abuse Claims

Former Girlfriend Of 49er Foster Recants Domestic Abuse Claims

The domestic violence case against 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster is now on uncertain ground following a recantation by his girlfriend on Wednesday.

Attorney Stephanie Rickard issued a statement on behalf of Elissa Ennis on Wednesday that says her client can prove the injuries that led to the chargers were not caused by Foster.

"(Foster) did not strike her, injure her or threaten her", Rickard said. She maintains their is video footage of this fight.

The Santa Clara County District Attorney charged Foster with domestic violence and assault weapons felonies.

Ennis realized what she had done and went to the Santa Clara District Attorney's Office to recant what she told deputies, Rickard said. She initially told investigators at the scene that Foster hit her eight to 10 times in the head.

In the statement, Rickard said that Ennis apologizes to everyone that may have been harmed in the case, especially Foster. The DA office refused to reduce the charges against Foster, while the 49ers haven't released Foster because they feel there is more to the story. Foster hasn't been allowed in the 49ers facilities since he was charged with the three felonies. "Foster", said the attorney via the statement.

"The gravity of these charges has not been lost on us", Lynch said Monday. We're going to learn things through this legal process. We keep Reuben Foster on board because we are very hopeful that he will be found not guilty, but we are not going to keep him around the facility.

Ennis realizes the attention that this case is drawing from the media, especially given the recent scandals about domestic violence involving National Football League players and the #MeToo movement, but that this case isn't one of those. That's the standard we want on our team. "We are not going to keep him around as if it's business as usual, because it's not".

The 49ers made Foster the 31st-overall pick out of Alabama in last year's draft.

Foster delivered on the field, ranking second on the team with 72 tackles in 10 games as a rookie and looking like a key part of San Francisco's defensive future.

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