Published: Thu, April 19, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

'Israel Has a Good Relationship With Russia and the US' - Former Adviser

'Israel Has a Good Relationship With Russia and the US' - Former Adviser

But while Trump, unlike Obama, has been willing - both previous year and again early this month - to use targeted USA force to punish and hopefully deter Assad's use of chemical weapons, he faces the same wider dilemma about Syria's future as his predecessor.

That attack killed four Iranian military personnel - but Israel did not confirm or deny involvement. He concludes: "Unless (Iran's military mastermind Qassem) Suleimani backs down, you are about to see in Syria an unstoppable force - Iran's Quds Force - meet an immovable object: Israel". "We don't have anything additional to provide". That consensus is probably correct, but if it was Israel, it had nothing to do with Assad's chemical weapons attack the day before. It's worth taking into consideration that, coincidentally or otherwise, British Prime Minister Theresa May, French President Emmanuel Macron and above all his American counterpart Donald Trump were all keen on a distraction from pressing domestic concerns.

And in the past few weeks - for the first time ever - Israel and Iran have begun quietly trading blows directly, not through proxies, in Syria.

Lending credence to the Israeli attack theory is that on Monday morning prior to the reports of a bombing in Syria, there were reports of IAF activity over Lebanon.

Israel is threatening to take further action of its own, because of Iran, of course. The information that Israel has released includes the formation of the Iranian forces and the types of aircraft they are using.

"Iran is transferring to Syria several combat methods under the pretense of delivering humanitarian aid", said an Israeli military official.

"If I know the air force well, we have already made proper plans to deal with this threat", Amos Yadlin, a former Israeli military intelligence official, said.

Big explosions were heard near Al Shayrat Air base, southeast of the city of Homs, and in eastern Qalamoun near Damascus where two other air bases are located, the Syrian Observatory for Human rights reported.

One factor that could work to Israel's advantage is Trump's comfort with the use of force, as he showed in the joint mission with Britain and France to strike Syrian chemical weapon sites Friday, April 13.

Had Barack Obama agreed to an Iranian presence in Syria so close to Israel, the so-called "pro-Israel" crowd would have said he is trying to destroy the Jewish state.

The Homs attack had nothing to do with Assad's chemical hut and everything to do with Iran.

This question has gained traction in recent days after Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah sent Israel a warning, proclaiming that "Tehran will not stand idly by while Israel attacks its bases in Syria".

The Iranian rial "has plummeted to a record low amid growing economic and political uncertainty, causing a rush to the banks as Iranians desperately try to acquire USA dollars with exchanges forced to shut their doors to prevent long and chaotic lines".

Meanwhile Russian warships laden with military hardware have been spotted heading to Syria.

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