Published: Thu, April 26, 2018
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Joy Reid's 'Hacking' Conspiracy 'Looks Implausible — The Atlantic

Joy Reid's 'Hacking' Conspiracy 'Looks Implausible — The Atlantic

Nichols said that numerous posts in question were published at a time when Reid was hosting a radio show, and that the "text and visual styling was inconsistent with her original entries".

In December, a Twitter user uncovered homophobic posts from 2007-2009 about Congressman Charlie Crist on The Reid Report. It made fun of a haircut on a straight woman saying that it seemed to indicate she could be a lesbian. It was insensitive, tone deaf and dumb. "There is no excusing it - not based on the taste-skewing mores of talk radio or the then-blogosphere, and not based on my intentions".

The newly discovered posts were found on the Wayback Machine, a project of the Internet Archive, and were shared on social media last week by the Twitter user who discovered Ms. Reid's old blog posts a year ago.

MSNBC's Joy Reid has apologized for old posts of hers containing homophobic remarks.

When Mediaite reached out to Reid about her old blog, she insisted the posts, published under her name, were the work of "unknown, external" hackers. And conveniently the only way to verify if those posts existed on her old blog is via the Internet Archive. Other posts were linked to in Mediaite. These rants included calling Crist "Miss Charlie" and sarcastically using the tags "gay politicians" and "not gay politicians" - despite the fact that the twice-married, heterosexual man has never come-out as gay. It concluded: "The nature of political correctness is that gay people are allowed to say straight sex is gross but the reverse is considered to be patently homophobic". However, Reid said the new posts discouraging gay marriage and cringing "at the sight of two men kissing" are all part of a sick effort to depict her as "offensive and hateful". But as for her comments themselves, I'm having trouble getting outraged about decade-old homophobic jokes when there is so much more to actually worry about.

"I began working with a cyber-security expert who first identified the unauthorized activity, and we notified federal law enforcement officials of the breach".

The MSNBC spokesperson also provided letters sent in December from Reid's attorney to Alphabet, the parent company of Google, which owned the site on which Reid's blog was hosted at the time of the disputed posts, and Internet Archive, which runs the Wayback Machine, to alert the companies of the alleged hacking.

Nichols said that Reid's blog posts were altered in an attempt to smear and embarrass her.

He said that NBC was not on-the-level when they leaked the Trump "grab them by the [expletive]" tape to the Washington Post, and that they wrongfully "killed" Ronan Farrow's bombshell story about sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.

Joy Ann-Reid (L) and Jon Favreau at the "Pod Save America" panel during Politicon at Pasadena Convention Center.

Meanwhile, the company Internet Archives, whose Wayback Machine collects copies of Internet postings, said that after being contacted by Reid's lawyers, it had investigated and found no evidence that any of its versions of Reid's original posts had been altered. According to, funnily enough, the Wayback Machine, Reid or someone acting on her behalf inserted this command on her site on or around March 1, and the site's archives have subsequently disappeared. "At least some of the examples of allegedly fraudulent posts provided to us had been archived at different dates and different entities".

MSNBC is standing by Reid.

Said PFLAG National president Jean Hodges, "When we extended our invitation to Ms. Reid to honor her at our 45th anniversary celebration, we did so knowing about the blog posts from the late 2000s regarding Charlie Crist".

The Internet Archive also said Ms. Reid's lawyers asked the group to take down the archived version of her site in December because they said either the archive or the original site had been hacked.

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