Published: Thu, April 26, 2018
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Judge resigns after video shows her berating ill woman who later died

Judge resigns after video shows her berating ill woman who later died

Broward Chief Administrative Judge Jack Tuter said Saturday that Ehrlich will not to return to the courthouse. She suffered from asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a family friend told the Miami Herald that she came home from jail "starving, dizzy and borderline breatheless".

"According to CBS Miami, she told her sister, Anna Lee Twiggs: "'They treated me like a dog in the courthouse. She was already scheduled to retire this summer.

"I believe a judge should be wise and sensible; learned in the law and in life; honorable and humble; a lover of the truth, justice, and people; and most of all, courageous", the profile says. She then ran unopposed in 2014 for a six-year term.

The judge's behavior was so "over the top" that one attorney wanted her banned from the courthouse.

"It had been planned", Bush said Sunday.

It is not yet known when her resignation was handed in or when it will become effective.

It goes on like this, with Ehrlich even snapping at the defense lawyer.

Twiggs appeared before the judge on April 15 via video from the North Broward Bureau, which houses inmates with special needs, according to its website.

A Broward judge is under fire after she repeatedly snapped at a frail inmate who later died at her Lauderhill home.

Twiggs wasn't the only defendant to get a telling off by the judge that day, either, according to reports. Broward Circuit Court livestreams and records bond court proceedings.

"Don't talk. You have an attorney here who's talking for you", Ehrlich told Tamalo, who was in tears.

Both Anna and family friend Carolyn Porter remain convinced that Ehrlich's treatment of their sister and friend - namely her refusal to listen to the 59-year-old's concerns about being denied medication in jail - ultimately spurred her death.

"Can someone there give her water as a kindness?" "I needed a treatment, ' and [Sandra Faye Twiggs] just kept on gasping for air as she was telling me this and she was so devastated".

Ehrlich is seen in the video tearing into Twiggs, at one point saying, "I am not here to talk about your breathing treatments!"

Higher courts had already ruled that a judge can not reach such decisions without first considering the evidence of a specific case.

"Oh lord!" Ehrlich said after Twiggs tried to ask for the breathing tube.

A Florida circuit court judge's roughly 30-year-long career deservedly crashed and burned this week after courtroom footage surfaced that shows her mercilessly and unnecessarily berating a disabled defendant.

"It was just how mean she was, that's why I was crying", Tamalo said.

In a letter to Broward County's chief judge, public defender Howard Finkelstein, lambasted Ehrlich' for displaying "aggressive and tyrannical behavior" that "revealed her lack of emotional fitness to sit on the bench".

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