Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

New campaign calls for 'people's vote' on final Brexit deal

New campaign calls for 'people's vote' on final Brexit deal

The People's Vote aims to unite anti-Brexit groups, with a rally being held in Camden, north London, on Sunday.

Campaigners including actor Sir Patrick Stewart and politicians from across the political spectrum are demanding a second vote.

Opening the London launch of People's Vote - a new grassroots movement campaigning for a referendum on the final deal - Sir Patrick said Brexit means that he will show his new blue passport "with less pride".

Organisers said some 1,200 people were at the event, including MPs from all leading parties.

"This issue is far too important to to leave to the politicians".

"Given that public opinion hasn't changed, I don't know why a second referendum, if the first question gave the wrong answer, would work any differently".

Respondents were asked to what extent they supported or opposed the public voting on the final Brexit deal the British government makes with the EU.

The survey was conducted earlier this week, ahead of a campaign launched by Open Britain calling for a public vote on whatever Brexit deal British Prime Minister Theresa May presents to parliament.

Stewart said his alter egos, Star Trek's Jean-Luc Picard and the X-Men's Charles Xavier, were "excellent, admirable" individuals concerned about the well-being of all and "they would have voted Remain".

He also said he was motivated by "history and emotion" to want to stay in the EU.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, responding to the new campaign, said the people's vote had already taken place, adding: "They voted with a substantial majority to leave the EU".

'When the United Kingdom and Ireland were brought in I felt for the first time in my life that the brutality of both World Wars could never happen again'.

The UK will formally leave the European Union on March 29 2019, two years after the invocation of Article 50.

A promise to that end, he said, should be written down in the treaty that will regulate relations between London and the 27 countries that will remain in the European Union after Britain leaves at the end of March 2019. "We're now trying to deliver on that mandate from the people".

"We'll be able to have, not only a enormous free trade deal with our friends and partners across the channel, but we'll be able to boldly go to areas we perhaps neglected over the past five years".

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