Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
Research | By Raquel Erickson

New Gmail Design May Feature Self-Destructing Emails

New Gmail Design May Feature Self-Destructing Emails

Gmail for the web is getting a fresh redesign that will bring it closer to what its most recent Gmail for mobile app looks like.

What's up with the new Gmail?

The new design includes a new loading screen, inbox layout, addition of smart replies, and much more.

One thing shown that we weren't previously expecting is a new sidebar found on the far right. Yes, there is a new Gmail design layout on the way.

But while the leaked screenshots showed numerous big changes in Gmail, info about a new feature that lets users send self-destructing emails is only starting to trickle out now.

G Suite is Google's cloud computing arm which also manages productivity and collaboration tools, software, and products developed by Google. Google had previously announced it was turning offline Chrome apps, which were largely aimed at Chromebooks, into Web apps.

Parker Posey LOST IN SPACE
Parker Posey LOST IN SPACE

'We need a bit more time to compose ourselves, so can't share anything yet-archive this for now, and we'll let you know when it's time to hit send'.

Google has released a search app created to take account of the prevalence of lower-end devices and slower connections across much of Africa and which allows consumers to use local languages. However, users will find new items like "Snoozed" and "Indef" as part of the upcoming snoozing feature that was first introduced with Inbox. Yesterday, the redesign leaked early giving us an early look at what's in store for users. TechCrunch's tipster Chaim also discovered an interesting new feature in the new Gmail. You can access your calendar directly from the Gmail interface.

It's unclear whether this feature will only be available to Gmail users, or if people who use Gmail with non-Gmail accounts will also be able to send disappearing messages.

According to the report, Google is planning to roll out all these features in the coming weeks, especially since the Google I/O developer conference is scheduled to start on May 8.

But Google has trained their AI to separate voices that talk at the same time, and they showed the public how it's done by using a video recording.

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