Published: Wed, April 18, 2018
Research | By Raquel Erickson

New God Of War Trailer Details Kratos' Changing Character

New God Of War Trailer Details Kratos' Changing Character

Bringing new character Atreus along as his son, "The Ghost of Sparta" finds a new lease of life in the franchise's soft reboot and long-awaited sequel to God of War III. Following the events of God of War 3, Kratos has been wandering the earth in complete solitude, in the process "he has hit rock bottom emotionally".

God of War, the fourth entry in the action-adventure series, revolves around an older, bearded and calmer Kratos as he journeys with his young son Atreus across a Norse mythology inspired landscape following the death of the boy's mother.

Swapping his signature Blades of Chaos for the mythical Leviathan Axe and the sunny shores of Greece for the cold climate of Midgard, Kratos is back for his eighth game.

"And, it would have been a very, very different game?"

The only "extra" concerns the photo mode, not yet present, but that should arrive as a free update in the coming weeks, although Cory has not yet confirmed anything about it, but is interested to insert the Photo Mode in God of War.

'You can do a third setup where neither of them really understand what's going on and then you get cool story telling level design and puzzles and exploration intersecting because they're discussing the thing they have to work out together, he said. It's all a big passage of time because, like we mentioned much earlier, the game paces itself perfectly.

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