Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Parents of Alfie Evans suffer new defeat in battle for treatment overseas

Parents of Alfie Evans suffer new defeat in battle for treatment overseas

Tom Evans, 21, and Kate James, 20, had asked Court of Appeal judges to rule that 23-month-old Alfie could go overseas for treatment.

Judges have heard that Alfie, born on May 9 2016, is in a "semi-vegetative state" and has a degenerative neurological condition doctors had not definitively diagnosed.

A lawyer representing Tom Evans, 21, and Kate James, 20, on Monday returned to the Court of Appeal to ask judges to rule that Alfie Evans should be allowed to travel to a foreign hospital.

Appeal court judges said doctors should continuing treating Alfie pending any Supreme Court decision.

The U.K. High Court, appeals courts, and the European Court of Human Rights have all sided with the decision of hospital staff that continued treatment for Alfie would be futile and that his best interest is to die.

The legal battle between Alfie Evans' parents and doctors comes as Alder Hey, one of only four specialist children's hospitals in England, was found to have failed four in five standard checks during an unannounced inspection, The Guardian reported Saturday.

"We will never give up on you, Alfie".

Victoria Georgina tweeted: "Alder Hey are an incredible hospital and as much as i feel for Alfie's parents #imwithalderhey this has turned into something it shouldn't have and the disregard shown to other children, families and the staff who work so hard for our children everyday, is shocking".

The judges rejected their application but said that they could go to the Supreme Court to consider the case for a final time.

Some hospital visitors described the protest as "a circus" and said there was a bouncy castle, people drinking alcohol, and "children running everywhere" as 100 supporters gathered outside on Sunday night. "It is precisely because of this judicial determination that Aflie has been kept in Alder Hey Hospital", Moylan said.

The parents lost their bid to allow Alfie to be taken overseas for treatment.

"They can't break us - we are never going to back down", he said.

Save Alfie Evans! Tell the hospital to let his parents take him home. Diamond indicated that he would make a direct appeal to the Supreme Court by 4 p.m. local time on Tuesday.

A date was set last week at London's High Court to terminate Alfie's life support but it was not made public for legal reasons.

Hayden said details of that plan could not be revealed because Alfie was entitled to privacy at the end of his life.

Police said the "large" and "peaceful" protest in Liverpool on Thursday night "did cause significant traffic disruption and inconvenience for other people trying to access the hospital". The judge said the unanimous view of medical experts was that Alfie's brain had been eroded by disease and further assessment was pointless.

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