Published: Sun, April 15, 2018
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President Trump announces strikes on Syria

Syria said the strikes failed to achieve their goal and breached worldwide law.

The PM did not rule out further action if Syria continues to use chemical weapons.

Russian forces claimed to have shot down a dozen missiles, but the USA military pushed back at those claims.

Referring to Assad, Trump said, "These are not the actions of a man".

"Your aggression is a major threat to the possibility of continuing the political process under the United Nations auspices", he said.

There was no Russian interference in the airstrikes and U.S. officials have put a firm emphasis on the deconfliction process between the Kremlin and Washington which involves open channels of communication over each country's plan in Syria in order to avoid conflict.

Iran, which has also backed Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad since the conflict began in 2011, also warned of "regional consequences". The document qualifies the attack as a violation of global law and the UN's charter.

US President Donald Trump appeared to surrender any hope of a working relationship with Moscow when he tweeted that "President (Vladimir) Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad" in a "MINDLESS chemical attack in Syria". McKenzie claims the strike will set Syria's chemical program back for years. "We are prepared to sustain this pressure, if the Syrian regime is foolish enough to test our will".

In a statement on Saturday, he reiterated the Russian view that an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma that killed dozens of civilians was fake: "Russian military experts, having visited the place of the alleged incident, did not find any traces of the use of chlorine or other poisonous substances".

On Friday night, the United States, United Kingdom and France attacked three Syrian government sites, targeting what they said were chemical weapons facilities.

"When our president draws a red line, our president enforces the red line", she said.

British Prime Minister Theresa May is citing reports she says indicate the Syrian government used a barrel bomb to deliver the chemicals used in an attack on Douma.

- American Forces deployed B-1B Lancer bombers for last night's strike and used double the number of weapons than in a 2017 missile strike responding to the Khan Shaykhun chemical attack. "All responsibility for them rests with Washington, London and Paris".

US General Joseph Dunford said that the focus of the airstrikes were chemical weapons facilities located in the city of Homs as well as capital city Damascus, and it remains to be seen how these airstrikes will affect the production of these weapons.

"So there is no practicable alternative to the use of force to degrade and deter the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Regime". "Russia, however, can not claim to be a responsible member of the global community while failing to condemn the use of chemical weapons and failing to take any action to prevent their use".

"Assad's recent attack and today's response are the direct result of Russia's failure to keep that promise".

While Trump announced the "precision strikes" in Syria, Trudeau has ruled out any Canadian participation.

It was always believed that any USA military response was unlikely to include significant numbers of ground forces.

Barrel bombs are large containers that are packed with fuel, explosives and scraps of metal.

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