Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Prime Minister promises to make Trans Mountain Pipeline happen

Prime Minister promises to make Trans Mountain Pipeline happen

"The federal government, along with the government of Alberta, has commenced discussions with Kinder Morgan to establish a financial relationship that will eliminate investor risk", Notley said. Horgan said they continue to disagree on energy and will proceed with a court battle against the project.

The Trans Mountain project would twin an existing oil pipeline that extends from central Alberta to the west coast.

Last Sunday, Kinder Morgan announced that it would be suspending all non-essential activities and spending related to the project. The company said it would make a final decision on the pipeline by May 31.

Kinder Morgan Canada said it would not comment on Trudeau's remarks "until we've reached a sufficiently definitive agreement on or before May 31 that satisfies our objectives".

A contractor enters a building at the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion site.

Notley said this morning that failure to move ahead with the project is costing the Canadian economy $40 million a day, along with an "untold" number of jobs across the country.

Notley called B.C.'s actions a "considered attempt to create uncertainty" and said Alberta won't engage in "esoteric debates" meant to "to harass a project to death".

Trudeau said that during the meeting today with the two premiers, he said that the federal government will use its authority to resolve the impasse.

Chelsie Klassen CAPP Ottawa Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Speaking before the meeting, a federal government source said past examples of help included a bailout of the auto industry in 2009, federal loan guarantees for a hydro-electric project and Ottawa's investment in an offshore energy project.

"He didn't go into the details with me".

Horgan refuted the notion that Ottawa would punish B.C. financially for opposing the pipeline, saying that there were "no threats, no intimidation" from Trudeau in the closed-door "collegial meeting among peers".

PM Trudeau has stated it is not the Province of BC's jurisdiction to bring a halt to the Trans Mountain Pipeline, instead it is a federal matter.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, who also attended the talks in Ottawa, said she was convinced the expansion would be built if the financial assistance deal could be worked out.

Trudeau and his cabinet ministers have declared that the pipeline is in the national interest and been adamant that it will be built.

The prime minister didn't shy away from criticizing Horgan.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his finance minister will start "formal financial discussions" with Kinder Morgan and explore all legislative options to save the $7.4-billion pipeline expansion project.

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