Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Prosecutors Say Meek Mill Conviction Should Be Overturned, Judge Brinkley STILL Hating

Prosecutors Say Meek Mill Conviction Should Be Overturned, Judge Brinkley STILL Hating

After months of protests surrounding rapper Meek Mill's incarceration, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office has agreed to give the North Philly native a new trial, NBC Philadelphia reports.

Even with the latest news from the Philadelphia DA's office, Common Pleas Court Judge Genece E. Brinkley, who sentenced Meek in November, didn't agree to vacate Meek's conviction in court Monday.

Philadelphia-born Mill has been sentenced November to just two to four years in prison for violating probation to medicine claim and a gun. The announcement came during a hearing on Monday, but a judge is still refusing to release Mill on bail. Another hearing was advised by her June.

This is not the first time that Judge Brinkley denied Mill his freedom. Attorney Brian McMonagle said they will reach out to a higher court to get him released.

Spokesman Ben Waxman explained that the prosecutor's office made a decision to the granting of a new trial "because of the questions regarding credibility of this arresting officer" The officer is one of the police officers that the prosecutor's office has been sought to keep the stand off in many cases across the town due of credibility concerns.

"We are thrilled that the District Attorney's office has consented to the PCRA relief which we requested on Meek's behalf", Joe Tacopina, an attorney for Meek Mill, said in a statement emailed to The FADER.

The district attorney's office said in a statement that there are "questions about the credibility" of the officer who arrested Mill and others over the years. DA also stated in open court that the prior DA was aware that Officer Graham was untrustworthy as far back as 2005, which was never disclosed to Meek's defense team.

Meek Mill, whose given name is Robert Rahmeek Williams, is incarcerated in a state prison in Chester, Pa., southwest of Philadelphia. "I love my dad very much". They have called to recuse herself and also have resisted the sentence a few occasions.

Meek Mill wasn't present for the court hearing on Monday.

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