Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Syrian govt shot down missiles over its two airbases

Syrian govt shot down missiles over its two airbases

Reuters cited Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon as saying that "there is no USA military activity in that area at this time".

Syrian state television says the country's air defenses shot down missiles targeting its Shayrat airfield late on April 16.

It is unclear who was behind the attack, but the United States said its military was not involved.

Medics and rescuers said the alleged chemical attack killed more than 40 people in Douma, weeks into a brutal regime air and ground assault to retake the wider region on the outskirts of Damascus from opposition forces.

Dumair is used by Syria's military to support the campaign against rebels in eastern Ghouta.

Those attacks were retaliation for a suspected chemical weapons attack that they blamed on the Syrian government.

"There are no U.S. or Coalition operations in that area [Homs]". Social media reports are pointing the finger at Israel for the strikes.

Separately, a media outlet run by Hezbollah, a pro-Iranian militia, said Syrian government air defenses had shot down three missiles targeting Dumair military airport north east of the capital Damascus.

It did not elaborate or say who carried out the airstrikes early Tuesday.

An Israeli military spokesman said: "We don't comment on such reports".

Big explosions were heard on Monday night near the same air base, southeast of the city of Homs, and in eastern Qalamoun near Damascus where two other air bases are located, the Syrian Observatory for Human rights reported.

While Israel has refrained from confirming its attacks on Syria, an Israeli military official admitted to New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman that his country was behind the T4 strike.

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