Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

US Republicans badly hit by Paul Ryan's departure

US Republicans badly hit by Paul Ryan's departure

"I'm not concerned about it at all".

Ryan's retirement will offer the party an opportunity to start fresh after the midterm elections and, if the worst happens, to focus on effectively organizing a minority opposition in the House to hopefully work in tandem with a Republican-controlled Senate. For months the speaker has battled rumors about his retirement. And with a major push from Trump, he was able to get such a massive overhaul passed in December.

"I really don't see it", he said.

But the career decision Ryan announced Wednesday morning amounts to a forecast of political weather for 2018 and beyond.

Banks also pointed to Ryan's support for legislation restricting access to abortion.

The symbolism and signaling matter to two important constituencies: donors being asked to bankroll House races, and party activists needed to knock on doors and reach out to the voters needed to win elections. Democrats need a net gain of 23 seats to recapture a majority.

"That's logical", another senior Republican aide in the House said.

There was no immediate response from the offices of McCarthy or Scalise on Jordan's possible candidacy. Though he would readily admit that he was reluctant to take the Speaker position, he answered the call of @HouseGOP & led the House through a challenging period.

Dent said Ryan was always a "reluctant speaker" who was frustrated by the GOP divisions and the Trump administration.

Ryan responded by explaining that he wants to recruit more minorities to Congress. And my kids aren't getting any younger.

If the party moves away from Trump, it will turn toward someone not too closely associated with him - and Ryan, the Republican vice presidential nominee in 2012, would be one of a limited number of choices.

That's also true elsewhere, and Republicans fear losing their House majority.

The 48-year-old Republican's announcement on Wednesday that he wouldn't seek re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives in November didn't come as a huge surprise. "And you were one of the main people that said you wanted to do more for the Republican Party, to expand the base. We've gotten a lot done together", Ryan said.

"It's going to set off an intramural war among Republicans on who is going to be the next speaker". "It might spur a few more", Dent said. In a statement, he said Republicans were "looking at other tools to cut spending" and added: "We have nothing to lose by making big changes". It's about loyalty to [President Trump]. "We are with you Paul!" the president tweeted following the announcement. Ryan sees no big goals within reach during the second half of Trump's term. "I believe each member's going to be running in their district in a pretty damn toxic political environment".

"What I would hate to do, in this time when we have asymmetrical threats all across the world, particularly with ISIS, is to have an AUMF that short - that ties the hands of our military behind their backs". "It's going to be a referendum on the president of the United States and his conduct in office".

Paul Ryan had to be coaxed into taking the speaker's gavel in 2015 and never seemed to relish the job.

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